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Jobs Curated for You and Your Projects

Introducing Feats Jobs: Hire and be hired, from full-time to freelance.

September 28, 2020
3 min read

Feats Jobs is the latest addition to Feats, the next generation professional network built through collaboration, recognition, and meaningful connections. It’s a unique take on the traditional job board, focused on people who make projects happen.

Feats Jobs is the first curated collection of job opportunities for people with project-driven careers, from developing products to building brands and driving sales. The initial focus is jobs for companies in Denmark, including remote.

The projects you do are increasingly important to your track record. By focusing on the jobs that are most relevant to you, Feats Jobs makes it easier for you to find opportunities that will strengthen your project history.

You can search for specific roles, locations, and keywords or you can browse the brand networks that interest you and find jobs listed by company.

Example jobs (as of September 2020)

Hiring? From full-time to freelance, all in one place

Anyone can post freelance, part-time, intern, and student jobs for FREE. Full-time job posts are 1,000 kr/month. If your brand has a network in Feats, you can have all your jobs added automatically from your Careers page or Applicant Tracking System.

Build your brand network to make hiring more authentic

Talented people are looking for companies that encourage collaboration, recognition, and openness. In short, they want authenticity. Your company’s past projects and project teams provide authentic context for job seekers.

There are now over 1,000 brand networks with at least one project in Feats. Jobs at these companies are showcased next to past projects, making it easy for applicants to get to know a company before applying.

Feats’ brand networks create a unique, authentic context for hiring.

Candidates: Use your project history to make interviews better

People with a lot of hiring experience say that the best candidates are able to go beyond the surface of their CV, and share what they’ve accomplished. Project history is more important than employment history.

For successful interviews, collect your past projects in a free Feats Profile. Projects are easy to present, and co-contributors are added to your personal referral network.

Feats is not just for ‘creatives’. Feats projects include diverse teams, from engineers and designers to project managers and marketers. Thousands of Danish projects have already been added — maybe some of yours?

Projects by Category in Feats (as of September 2020)

Feedback please :-)

Feats brings people together to do their best work. We envision a future in which hiring, and being hired, is faster, less risky, and more rewarding for everyone involved.

We welcome your feedback!

To connect your Careers page or ATS to your Feats brand network, please email

We reserve the right to exclude jobs that don’t fit careers in product development, marketing, or other project-driven categories.

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