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Introducing Feats — Helping Everyone Get Credit for Their Work

Projects shape our world. Feats helps everyone, in every project, get verified credit for projects they worked on.

April 5, 2019
3 min read

Project-driven work is the new normal in modern business. Yet, today’s professional networks still prioritize where you worked over what you did. The future is building professional relationships based on the track record of the projects you worked on.

Feats makes it easy to give credit to people you’ve done projects with and to get credit for the roles you’ve had. From digital and physical products to architecture and events, Feats mirrors how credits work in Hollywood. It’s like IMDb for everything else.

Making professional credits easy and trustworthy.

To add a project to Feats, you simply name the project and upload photos or videos that represent it. Then, tag project team members like you would for people in an Instagram photo.

Feats verifies credits using a combination of data and confirmations by members of each project team. Only verified credits can be made public, so you can trust what you see.

Your past project teams become a resource for future projects.

Projects often combine people from multiple companies, or many functions within a company, making it hard to know everyone or keep in touch with people after a project. In large projects, many people never meet, but may still know each other’s work.

When you get credit in Feats, your network grows to include all the people who worked on the same projects as you did. They may not all know you personally, but they will know how your contributions relate to theirs, creating meaningful connections.

Feats makes it easy to follow their work and to get in touch about future projects. Whether you need to find people for a new project or want to be found, the people you’ve worked with in the past are your greatest resource.

You control your credits.

As you get credit for roles in projects, Feats collects the projects into your personal profile. You control which projects are visible to the public, and how you share your work. You will always have free access to your profile, no ads will ever be shown around your work, and you will always own your personal data.

Projects shape our world, and our careers. Feats enables credits for any kind of project.

We all benefit from increasing workforce transparency.

Most people would agree that everyone deserves credit for their work. Not just the managers, partners or creative directors — everyone. It has become standard to have a public CV to share your employment history — now it’s time to take workforce transparency to the next level by helping each other get the credit we all deserve.

There are many debates about the future of work, from the impact of automation and the gig economy to the lengthening of careers and ageism. One thing is certain, it will be more important than ever that people are recognized for their individual contributions. Meritocracy depends on it.

We believe that good companies and organizations will encourage their employees to give credit to colleagues and external contributors alike. They will see giving people credit as a natural complement to the accountability they expect. And, they will benefit from the increased transparency that results from it.

A genuine use case for a blockchain.

Everyone talks about blockchain technology, but for Feats, it is truly relevant. We envision the future of Feats as a decentralized network based on an open protocol that secures people’s credits for the long term. We will be moving in that direction as blockchains and other trustless technologies mature.

Give and get credit for your projects at

Credits for the photos above: rawpixel, Tuomas Nylund, Scott Webb, Marcus Neto and Juno Jo on Unsplash.

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