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Get to Know People Through Their Work

Introducing Feats Interest Networks: Bringing people together around the topics and tools that unite them

February 8, 2021
4 min read

We all want rewarding careers — to work with people we respect, to earn what we deserve, and to contribute in meaningful ways. What if we all worked together to help each other make that happen?

Feats Interest Networks are collections of projects curated by the people who did them. They are a new source of inspiration and collaboration, and a fundamentally different approach to ‘professional networking’. There’s no boasting or bragging, just people sharing their work and recognizing each other’s contributions.

A career is a journey, and the inspiration you find and people you meet along the way make the difference. Your most important accomplishments will be achieved in collaboration with others as a series of projects that tell your shared story.

Interest Networks blend these journeys, exposing you to other people’s work, and keeping people informed about each other’s accomplishments.

Inspiring topics and practical tools

Interest Networks are open to the public and indexed by Google. They help people get professional recognition and showcase collaboration like never before. Here are examples of the types of projects you’ll find:

  • Innovation (27 projects) includes technology showcases, idea competitions, and business development projects.
  • Virtual Reality (144 projects) and Augmented Reality (63 projects) range from games to healthcare therapies to contemporary art, most often including a video showing the user experience.
  • Made with Unity (115 projects) is a subset of AR/VR above, plus an increasing range of realtime 3D for marketing. It is the largest collection of Unity projects on the Web.
  • Brand Identity (107 projects) includes positioning strategy, corporate identity, and related design and communication projects.
  • Also check out: Advertising (601), Architecture (32), Fashion (113), Graphic Design (101), Interior (66), Photography (129), and UX (159).

Project tags place projects in Interest Networks, and the tags are editable by all verified team members. In this way, project teams do the curation. Anyone with a Verified Role is automatically a member of the Interest Networks in which their projects appear.

Projects unite people across traditional borders

Today, project teams are often multi-disciplinary. Mixed teams of creative and technical professionals, subject matter experts, and business managers achieve more than anyone could alone.

Old school professional networks weren’t designed to support teams like these. For example, LinkedIn is a corporate directory and CV database, shunned by designers and developers. GitHub is a developer directory and code database, rarely accessed by less technical people. Behance is a designer directory and visual showcase, where personal contributions are the focus and broader teams are absent.

These and other platforms sacrifice the big picture to focus on a niche. Yet, it’s the collaboration across them that creates the most value. That’s why projects are the focus in Feats, and Interest Networks are collections of the projects that unite people.

Building strong bonds and connected futures

Projects build strong bonds between people. By merging project histories into Interest Networks, we hope Feats will help you create the career you want.

In the past, the people behind the thousands of projects in Feats were hidden from view. People helped companies grow by developing products, creating campaigns, and engaging via social networks. Increasing recognition is the crucial first step to increasing collaboration — making future projects better.

Over the course of your career, the Interest Networks you are part of will become unique professional resources. Beyond being recognized for your track-record, you will be able to instantly find relevant inspiration, hire the right people for every project, pursue international opportunities, and go independent or work internationally with less risk.

The more we help each other, the more we will all accomplish.

Join the movement

Feats is free to join, and the current features always will be. Add your projects and roles at

We look forward to getting to know you through your work!

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