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Building the Best Teams by Getting to Know People’s Work

New Feats Search: See completed projects from employees, freelancers, agencies, and brands all in one place.

May 4, 2020
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The success of any project depends on having the right people in the right roles — as employees, freelancers, or agencies. One of the best ways to find the right fit for a new project or position is to see what they’ve done in the past. What roles have they had in similar projects? Who have they worked with in the past? For which brands have they done projects? Until now, answering these questions was nearly impossible. Feats Search makes it easy.

Search for People, Projects, or Brands

Feats Search offers a fast-growing, unique dataset of the verified roles people had in projects. These project-based track-records enable new visibility into project ecosystems, from marketing to product development. Three ‘use cases’ guided our development:

· Find people with specific experience

· Find projects like your next project; discover the people behind them

· Find brands you can learn from; explore their projects and people

Find people with specific experience

Feats members span a wide range of roles, from brand and activation managers to designers and directors. They also represent a wide range of agencies, from digital studios and production houses to innovation consultancies.

Members span a wide range of creative and business roles, both as employees and freelance.

To find people who fit your next project, start with a free-text search for the role you want to fill, then choose People to see the profiles that match. Next, add filters to narrow your search until you find the right individual or agency.

Available filters:

Category: Project categories include Brand & Marketing, Digital Products & SaaS, Media & Entertainment, Physical Products, and Architecture.

Brand: Brand pages showcase all their projects and the people who did them.

Role: People’s roles are public and searchable if they are verified by the majority of the participating team members.

Location: The city and country are based on the profiles of people with verified roles.

Tag: Projects are ‘tagged’ with keywords and, like everything on project pages, they can be edited by people with verified roles.

Verified Roles: The more verified roles you have, the greater your presence throughout Feats will be.

The number next to each filter tells you how many records fit that selection. Filter lists are also dynamic, changing according to your search. For example, if you search for ‘Brand Manager’, the Brand filter will only show brands for which a Feats member was Brand Manager.

Searches create unique URLs that are updated as you add filters, making it easy to bookmark search results or share links.

Example people searches:

Find projects similar to yours; discover the people behind them

No two projects are the same, but there can still be a lot to learn from similar projects. Many projects in Feats have detailed descriptions that include performance metrics and the results achieved. Could you find inspiration in their work or use their results as benchmarks? Projects also give you insight into the teams with whom you may want to work.

Project categories include

To find a project similar to yours, search for relevant keywords or click on Projects at the top of the page. Choose the relevant Category and apply filters that relate to your project. Click on a card to view the project page where you can find images, videos, descriptions, and the verified roles of contributors. From there, you can explore contributors’ profiles to see other projects they worked on.

Example project searches:

Find brands you can learn from; explore their projects and people

With over 500 brands in Feats, brand pages are a unique way to explore projects and see the people who worked on them.

Example brand cards that link to brand pages.

Search for a specific brand or explore them all by clicking on Brands at the top of the page. Then, add filters based on your interest.

Example brand searches:"carlsberg"

Open platform

Feats is available to everyone. All projects, profiles, and brand pages are accessible without signing in, and are indexed by Google. Anyone can add projects and create an individual profile and a profile for their agency, consultancy, or other team.

Feats’ core features will always be free, with business subscriptions coming in the future. To learn more about how Feats can help your career or company, visit

Help us improve

Feats Search is based on powerful technology that can do much more. If you have any questions about how it works, or wish it worked differently, please let us know! Just email Jessica ( from Feats Concierge and she’ll be in touch :-)

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