Feats for Freelancers

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Turn your past projects into new clients and easily keep in touch with everyone you've worked with.

“Even the most experienced freelancers often struggle to keep a steady flow of work coming in. Like a great Hollywood agent, Feats converts interest in your past work into opportunities for your future.”

Your Profile

Secure your track-record and make your projects visible

You can quickly add your past projects to Feats and get your roles verified by other team members. Then, your profile starts to work for you, showing up on brand pages and in relevant searches. You always control which projects are shown on your profile. And, your profile page is optimized for search engines, making you easier than ever to be found.

Brand Pages

Showcase your work in the right context

When projects are added to Feats, they are always linked to brands. This means that Feats' brand pages are quickly becoming the best way to see all the projects different teams have done for them. Even if you worked on a project through a team (e.g. agency, production company), your personal profile will always be visible on the brand's page.

Your Network

Your project network is bigger than you think

Everyone who worked on the same projects automatically becomes part of each other's network. In large projects, or projects with external teams, you might not know everyone personally. But, through your verified role, they will know your work. These are the people who will help you find your next freelance project or be employed again if you want.


One click to contact you

Feats makes it easy for people to reach you, while keeping your email address private. Potential clients just click "Message" on your Profile, and their text gets forwarded to your primary email. You can reply directly to the sender, and build the relationship from there.

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