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Find employees, freelancers, and agencies based on their experience.

"You want the flexibility and specialization of external teams, but how do you know if you can count on them? Feats' unique peer-verification technology ensures you can trust what you see."

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Discover the people behind projects

Every year, award shows showcase inspiring work. But, between awards and under the radar are thousands of other projects. Feats collects all projects in one place. The people who did them have proven themselves, but until now they were hard to find. Feats makes it easy to find the right people for future projects based on their past experience.

Brand Pages

Increase authenticity and engagement

Feats' brand pages are quickly becoming the best way to see all the projects people have done for them (only public projects are allowed). The authentic stories they tell create a unique form of employer branding. And, increasing recognition of employees and external contributors boosts their engagement - making future projects better.

Your Brand Network

Easy access to people behind your projects

For the first time, you will be able to see everyone who worked on your projects - from your own employees to the employees of suppliers, agencies, consultancies, and other teams. Even freelancers, wherever they were working. You'll know who has the right experience for future projects, and easily contact them, reducing costs and risks.

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