Feats for Agencies

The Ultimate New Biz Machine

Increase exposure of your client cases and your company, then hire quickly when new projects come in.

"Digital agencies, design firms, production houses, and other teams all share two challenges - keeping new biz going when they get busy and then finding people for new projects. Feats solves both."

Brand Pages

Showcase your work in the right context

When projects are added to Feats, they are always linked to brands. This means that Feats' brand pages are quickly becoming the best way to see all the projects that different teams have done for them. Your clients will be continuously reminded of your work, as will their colleagues and other people throughout their industry.

Your Agency Network

Find people you need through people you know

Your Feats network includes all the people who worked on your projects. This makes your network the best way to keep updated on what people are doing and to find employees and freelancers you would want to hire. It also makes it easier to partner with other teams that are trusted by people you know.

Your Agency Profile

Give your people the recognition they deserve

When you add projects to your profile, it takes seconds to give credit to everyone in the team. The more people you give credit to, the more visible your cases and company will be throughout Feats. It's also the right thing to do, and people are more engaged when they know their names will be on their work.

Uncredited Projects

Uncover hidden talents behind inspiring projects

Have you ever seen a product, app, video or other project and wondered who did it? Now, you can add the project to Feats and the community will help find the team. Adding and sharing uncredited projects is a new way to help people get the recognition they deserve and to discover talented people earlier in their careers.

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