Feats for Employees

Expand Your Career Options

Your project history is more important than your employment history.

"Project-driven work is the new normal in modern business. Yet, today’s professional networks still prioritize where you worked over what you did. The future is building business relationships based on the track record of the projects you worked on."

Shared Projects

Help yourself and your colleagues

All projects in Feats are 'group projects', added for the benefit of everyone who worked on them. As team members verify each other's roles, they are added to everyone's profile. Team members can all edit the project and add other team members. One team member might improve the description, another might add images or a video, and everyone benefits as the project presentation improves. Then, when people share and view the project page, everyone in the team gets recognition.

Your Profile

You control what projects to show

To be prepared for the future, it's essential that you collect all your projects. But, by adding projects and verifying your roles, you are not committing to making them visible on your profile. Your interests and priorities will change over time. Work you did in the past may not be relevant today, but it may become relevant to you again. If you collect all your projects in Feats, you will always be able to choose what to show.

Your Network

It's bigger than you think

Everyone who worked on the same projects automatically becomes part of each other's network. In large projects, or projects with external teams, you might not know everyone personally. But, through your verified role, they will know your work. These are the people who will be there to help you find your next job or go freelance if you want to. Your 'project network' is bigger than you may think.

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