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Community update - May 2021 ☝️

Hello - and thanks for checking in for what's new @ Feats ✌️

Let's get at it, shall we?

Monthly Member spotlight

This newsletter marks the start of a new thing we're gonna be doing - a series of spotlights on some great work and people through Feats members' stories 🤩

This month, we wanna introduce you to the amazing Malene and Ian from Honeytrap 🤗

Meet them yourself in our IGTV channel HERE 🍿 Psst! Full-screen mode advised to honor their beautiful imagery 📸)

If you, like us, think they look absolutely amazing to work with on film projects, you can reach out to them right from their Feats profiles via the newly polished messaging option 💌

What's new

In April, we reshaped our goals for the upcoming period, ensuring that we'll have as a top priority to deliver practical, fast and valuable updates based on all the great feedback we've gotten the first few months of 2021.

Features and improvements

  • New design of 🧑‍🎨
  • Messaging 1.1 (as promised 😏)
  • Optimisation of invites through project pages 👋
  • Search navigation improvements 🔎
  • Faster profile page update after edits 🏃‍♀️
  • various performance upgrades and minor UX optimisations 🛠

Bug fixes

  • Page not found error ✓
  • Job post formatting issue ✓
  • Drag n' drop fix for media content in projects ✓
  • Mobile front-end fixues (spacing, menu etc.) ✓

Other news from team Feats

  • On the platform, we will soon implement out an invitation to co-create the future of Feats with you guys. Reach if it's something you know already you wanna help us with 🙏

What's next

  • Completely revamped onboarding experience 🤝
  • Upgraded project pages 🏆
  • Upgrades to UX of our email flows
  • CI/CD improvements in our DevOps for an always-wonderful experience 😊
  • Another movie drop ... 🍿

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