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Community update - March 2021 ☝️

Hi - and thanks for stopping by to check what's new @ Feats ✌️

In this release we're both gonna show you all what we've been up the last month-ish, and also lift the veil of some goodies coming to you in the foreseeable future! πŸ‘€ 🎁

Let's get to it πŸ‘‡


What's new

In February, we doubled down on small improvements and fixes. We've been extra focused on this to keep quality standards up, and (teaser!) it's also been a great way to get familiar with the platform for our newly added members of our engineering team.


Features and improvements

  • Exploration-triggered invites to Feats
  • Improved signup flows and with new input fields and UX enhancements
  • UX improvements of project pages - e.g. better full-screen view support and interaction via keyboard
  • + various performance upgrades and minor optimisations


Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue regarding upload of .svg files to projects βœ“
  • Re-sizing and positioning of buttons in project pages βœ“
  • Re-added project names to cards βœ“
  • Tweak of URL's before/after login βœ“
  • Fixed format issues with "reset password"-page βœ“
  • Disabled auto-select appearing when drag-scrolling horizontally in carousels βœ“


Other product news in team Feats

  • Turned some corners, e.g. 3000+ verified roles and 3500 MAU's 😍
  • Added some firepower to the engineering team - welcome Mayursinh and Biboswan πŸ‘‹
  • Hired one more engineer + a new Design Lead, starting primo April 2021 😎


What's next

  • Re-designed buttons and input fields to improve contrast, hierarchy and affordances 🎨
  • Re-vamp of onboarding experience through invites πŸ™Œ
  • New features: Messaging πŸ’Œ + availability controls 🚦


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