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Community update - June 2021 ☝️

The summer is hitting us in Copenhagen, and soaking up D-vitamin seems to balance our efforts just right - so let's get at it and dive in 💦

Monthly Member spotlight

This month, we want you to meet talented photographer Rebecca 🤗

Meet her yourself on IG TV HERE 🍿

If you also think Rebecca's work fantastic, reach out to her right from her Feats profiles - she's available for new collaborations 🤝

What's new in the platform

In May, we've taken on some big upgrades for all aspects of our platform, increasingly in the first-hand experiences and our backend infrastructure as we grow. Here's the output in fast headlines:

Features and improvements

  • New Interest Networks added 👌
  • Availability upgrades with UI fixes and usability improvements 👍
  • Big improvements to our DevOps making us run more stable and efficient in the back ⚙️
  • minor upgrades and UX tweaks 🛠

Bug fixes

  • Safari UI bug for deadline field adding jobs ✓
  • Occasional misalignment of elements on front page ✓
  • Support for .svg's in projects re-established ✓
  • More accurate tracking of our internal elements ✓

Other news from team Feats

  • We're partnering with Danish Digital Awards to show all the great work and teams from the region. The shortlists are out with celebrations and good mood accompanying it - and it get's even better: We'll be posting all the projects on Feats and distribute rightful recognition for everyone who worked on these wonderful pieces of work 🎉
  • We've established "Feats Club" where we invite members to give us feedback, vote for features, report issues, share memes (!) and in general ask questions. The members get access to new designs and co-shape the future of Feats. Reach out to if it's something you want to be a part of ✉️
  • We will soon launch a string of community events in the Copenhagen area. Reach out to if you have an idea or you want to be involved 📫

What's next

  • Rolling out the remake of onboarding next week(s) 🥳 We are careful releasing to make sure it's entirely ready. BUT for you as a member, we've decided to share a prototype of what the ppl you invite will see - find it here!
  • New project pages 🏞
  • Optimised project creation flow ✅
  • UX reviews of email flows 📧
  • Further process- and quality optimisation in our DevOps to ensure stability and performance goes along with our upgrades ⚙️
  • Another movie drop of a member we're fans of ... 👀

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