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Creating transparency in project ecosystems to unlock value for individuals, businesses, and society.

"Projects are units of progress - shaping careers, companies, and society as a whole. From reducing environmental impact to improving health and quality of life, we all need to learn from past projects and bring the right people together for future projects. Feats unites people behind projects, empowering our members and accelerating collective accomplishment."

Helping everyone, in every project, get credit for their work

Most industries are still like sports leagues before player statistics were public. Players’ names are hidden from view, holding back careers and sub-optimizing teams. Feats is going to change that, because a lot is at stake.

Everyone benefits from increased recognition. For employees, Feats expands career options by creating verified track-records and networks of people to support future transitions. For freelancers, Feats turns interest in their past projects into new opportunities. For teams, from agencies to development studios, Feats connects them with potential clients and partners. For brands, the ultimate owners of projects, Feats creates visibility into project teams and increases engagement while reducing costs and risks.

Creating transparency in project ecosystems

The $200 billion/year global recruitment industry is all based on the same data - employment histories in the form of CVs or resumes. Unfortunately, job titles and years-employed don't say much about people. What you want to know before hiring is what a person actually did and whether you can trust them. The same goes for hiring teams like agencies, production companies, and development studios - before discussing a new project, you want to know their project history.

Pioneering peer-verification technology

Feats’ unique peer-verification technology means you can trust the experience shown in member profiles. Our dataset of verified roles and relationships enables new ways of finding impactful people and identifying talented people earlier in their careers. Greater trust also enables companies to rely more on external ecosystems, creating more opportunities for our members.

Our Principles


Credit is a right, giving credit is everyone’s responsibility.


The greater the trust between people, the more they can achieve together.


Securing your past creates more options for your future.

The Feats Team

Michael Sherain
Co-founder, CEO
🇺🇸  United States
Mark Ronan
Co-founder, COO
🇮🇪  Ireland
Victor Duarte
Co-founder, CTO
🇧🇷  Brazil
Jessica Kaplan
Community Developer
🇿🇦  South Africa
Linus Schmitz
Data Analyst
🇩🇪  Germany
Daði Ragnarsson
Community Developer
🇮🇸  Iceland
Daryan Kamalifar
Junior Software Engineer
Preslava Yovcheva
Community Developer
🇧🇬  Bulgaria
Simon Morel
Product Leader
🇩🇰 🇫🇷  Denmark / France
Mayursinh Sarvaiya
🇮🇳  India
Biboswan Roy
🇮🇳  India
Signe Roswall
Design Lead
🇩🇰  Denmark
Vikas Padaliya
🇮🇳  India

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Our Investors

David Helgason
Founder of Unity Technologies, Partner at Nordic Makers
Christian Sejersen
CTO at LEO Innovation Lab, former CTO at ISSUU, Board Member at Airtame
Claus Moseholm
CEO of a 3D printing tech company (stealth mode), Co-founder of GoViral (sold to AOL)
Martin N. Knudsen
Partner at Egon Zehnder
André Rossi
Co-founder of The Sixteen Twelve, Consultant at Quadric
Jacob Holmblad
Business Partner & Investor
Co-owner of Arne Jacobsen Design and Bellevue Bugt.
Scott M. Lawin
Founder & Chairman,
Parametric, LP, Founder, Museum of the Street
Rasmus Helmich
Investor, Former CEO, Nianet (sold to EQT Private Equity). Chairman, Cibicom
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